Why Synolis V-A ?

Because for patients with osteoarthritis, pain is the 1st symptom to be treated.

Because pain influences mobility and mood, and therefore greatly impact quality of life.

Because taking tablets have limited efficacy and potential side effects.

The Effect

Visco-Antalgic Effect means that :

  • Treatment’s benefits are experienced within the 1st week in most cases*.
  • Nearly-optimum pain relief is reached after 3 weeks only.
  • Relief remains stable for at least 6 months*.
  • Pain killers are dropped by most of patients.

The Treatment

The majority of patients will be effectively treated with just 1 injection of Synolis V-A and the clinical effect can be further improved with an additional injections of 2ml administered the same day; especially very severe pain patients and OA stage IV.

* Like for any treatments, Synolis V-A doesn’t work for all patients. Still, about 85% of patients have reported a clear benefit 24 weeks after treatment initiation during a large scale study involving more than 1,000 patients suffering from any knee osteoarthritis severity.


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